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Treyarch revealed a major new content update for Call of Duty Cold War Zombies today that included a new feature for all Round Based Zombies Maps in The game and much more!

1. Within the new update to be released in one weeks time Treyarch will add a new map into the Outbreak game mode.
This new map will be Armada and will likely be THE MOST unique map to be released for that game mode so far!

They will also be adding a new DLC feature to all of the Round Based Zombies Maps in the game so far. This new feature will be located inside the spawn room of all maps and will be a put your game into a challenge mode that will let you progress though rounds much more quickly but at the cost of increased difficulty.

Treyarch will also be releasing a new limited time game mode for Zombies that will disable health regeneration within the Outbreak game mode while adding new item drops into the game!

2. Treyarch also released a new update for Cold war Zombies that seeked to fix a bunch of issues, however the main ‘Apply Blueprint’ issue was not fixed as of this latest update.

0:00 Treyarch Reveals New Season Of DLC
0:31 This New Map Will Feel UNIQUE!
1:02 Some Objectives Might Be Disabled
1:31 New World Event Being Added- Loot Challenge
2:08 Possible Reward For Completion
2:31 New Round Based Zombies Map Feature
3:12 Activating Adds New Mode To Your Match
3:51 Adding Difficulty To Eery Zombies Rounds
4:35 New Round Based Map Features In The Future
5:05 Numbers Event Zombies Content
5:44 What Outbreak Survival Actually Is
6:55 No Health Regen In This Mode - New Drops
7:40 new Zombies Patch - No Blueprint Fix
8:12 Mauer Easter Egg Updates
8:42 Random Map Rotation Chances Changed
9:10 First Blueprint Glitch Fix
9:29 Exfil From A Map Fix
9:45 This Glitch Trolled Zombies Players
10:15 DLC 4 Zombies Map Gets Closer!

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