Alpha Steppa x Ras Tinny - Thundering Mantis #streetdub E48 | Dub Reggae 2021 [Steppas Records]

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Song: Dub Dynasty - Thundering Mantis (Alpha Steppa x Ras Tinny #streetdub Version) recorded & mixed live in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico ????????

Special thanks to our friends Papa Lion / La Diosa del Pulque ????

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We filmed this #streetdub in 2019, in one of my favourite places to play in Mexico, Cd. Nezahualcóyotl. Some of the best sessions I’ve ever played have been in Neza, and I’m grateful for the warm welcome we always receive. ????

As much as I love this video, the pink crosses in the background break my heart. In Mexico, a pink cross signifies the location where a murdered woman or girl’s body has been found. The crosses act as memorials and symbolise the community’s mourning, they’re also displayed as a visible resistance to femicide. The year we made this video was Mexico’s most violent year on record, 35,000 people were murdered, 10% of the murders reported were classified as femicide, which is a separate federal crime in Mexico. This is a rate that has increased exponentially, and not only in Mexico. Femicide is broadly defined as “intentional murder of women because they’re women”, but more specifically the types of femicide include; sexual femicide, intimate femicide (committed by a current or former partner) globally, around 35% of women murdered are murdered by their partner, for comparison 5% of men are murdered by their partner (WHO) and in some parts of the world honour killings or dowry-related murder. This is not Neza’s problem, or Mexico’s problem, this is a global problem.

Mexico is a part of my life and my heart, I love Mexico, each time I visit Mexico I return home with only happy memories having met the kindest and warmest souls. So when I see the numbers relating to violent crime I have a hard time making sense of it. I don’t know what the root causes are and I don’t know the solutions, WHO released a report on approaches to ending femicide, some of the suggestions include; strengthening surveillance of intimate partner violence, strengthening the collection and analysis of mortality data, awareness-raising and advocacy to encourage cooperation among police, medical staff and other relevant agencies to collect and report victim-offender relationship and motivation. Developing research methods to improve understanding of the social context of femicide, including gender inequality. Training and sensitising health staff and police. Increasing prevention and intervention research. But ultimately, maybe the most powerful approach lies in the education of our sons and daughters.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones who see pink crosses in place of their daughters, mothers and sisters and my love and respect goes out to all the people working to counter this violence.


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