AVOID THIS GAME?? World of Tanks Console Update 7.2 - Wot Console

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World of tanks console update news and tanks review for wot console (world of tanks modern armor) for ps4 and xbox one consoles. We discuss whether you should play world of tanks modern armor on console or if wot ps4 and xbox has had it's best years! Subscribe for more wot console update news and wot update info!

This world of tanks console video looks at wot modern armor, the failures, the successes and what's wrong with world of tanks in 2021. Checkout more wot console videos for modern tanks guides, wot console update news, wot news and gameplay!

I regularly make world of tanks news and world of tanks update news for console world of tanks modern armor variant so be sure to come back or checkout other wot console videos in the playlists on my wot channel!

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