Cayo Perico Heist Co-op New World Record (Console) 23:29

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Our first go at a 4-player. Lost time with Mk2 not arriving on Cayo Perico, some terrible loading screens and a little bit of confusion in a few places. We've already worked out better strats and teamwork for next time. We'll get sub 20 mins at some point.

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Previous Console WR was 27:44 set by l-BeatsDown-l, Blue-Bear-2017YT and Noah_Online321. This time is currently 3rd in the standings for fastest completion (no chance of ever beating PC). #Cayo_Perico_Heist set by us.

Category Rules: Timer starts upon selecting the first mission of the heist. This would be the scope the primary target mission and is stopped on losing control of your character after leaving the final.
Timer ends when you lose control of your character and the hud disappears.

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