Confronting Karl Jobst - WATA, Fraud, and Sealed Game Collecting

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Karl Jobst joins the channel to discuss his video, titled, Exposing FRAUD and DECEPTION in The Retro Video Game Market. Please remain respectful in the comments. All talking points are listed below:

Link to Karl's Channel:

0:00 Introductions
1:39 Surprised By Reaction?
3:19 What Did Your First Notice?
7:05 Anything Against Sealed/Graded Collecting?
12:23 What is Actually Fraud/Illegal?
27:25 Speculative Bubbles
29:35 No Actual Collectors?
35:16 The Dentist and Speculation?
42:02 Personal Responsibility?
47:18 Expectations For Changes With WATA?
54:02 Will People Still Use WATA?
57:47 Collector's Universe Owns WATA + Goldin Auctions
59:55 What is The Perfect Resolution?
1:02:40 Potential Over-Grading?
1:11:03 How Big is This Now? Manipulation?
1:15:45 It's Not About Collecting
1:25:42 A Bias Video?
1:28:28 Moving Forward In a Positive Way
1:31:17 Demanding Better From WATA/HA?
1:35:48 What Can WATA Do To Gain Your Trust?
1:46:23 WATA's Response Was Poor
1:48:26 Heritage's Response
1:49:58 Will We Hear From The Players Involved?
1:54:03 A Second Video!?
1:56:08 Karl's Own Collecting!?

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