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World of tanks console update news video on the latest season pass on wot console. I have a few problems with the current season pass on world of tanks console. Let me know what you think about the new console world of tanks new update and new season and what you like and dislike on ps4 and xbox one.

This world of tanks console video looks at whether the new season pass is worth it and what you can expect from the new season rewards on world of tanks console (wot console news). This covers the news and new update on wot console, what changes happened after the world of tanks console update and whether you should buy the season pass of which you can get gold, silver and premium tanks.

My world of tanks console channel focuses on update news, changes and new tanks along with reviews of premium tanks and tech trees etc. Make sure to stay tuned for latest wot console news and updates. Let me know what you think and SUBSCRIBE for MORE!

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