Do NOT PLAY THESE!!! World of Tanks Console Update 6.0

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Avoid these tanks in world of tanks console update and world of tanks pc if you want to keep your sanity. Overview of the worst tanks on console world of tanks and looks at which tanks are worst on wot console for both world of tanks console ps4+xbox at tier 10.

This world of tanks console (wot console) video looks at the worst tanks at tier x in world of tanks and the tanks you should avoid on wot. Obviously, there is some opinion involved as to the worst tanks on world of tanks, but overall this should guide you on tanks console, into which tanks lines you should avoid. Let me know which tanks you avoid at tier x and which tanks you think are the best on console wot.

If you want more world of tanks content, then checkout the latest video on my channel or look at some of the older wot console guide/tips videos. I hope this 5 tanks you should avoid on console world of tanks was good for you and I hope to see you in game very soon.

My world of tanks console channel focuses on a few aspects, primarily on the wot new update news and guides, but there is some great gameplay in the mix too. Hopefully, you enjoy the wot console tanks content!

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