First Look - Hyperkin Retron 1 AV Nintendo 8-Bit Clone Console #Shorts

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In this #YouTube #Shorts episode, we give you a quick look at the new Retron 1 AV and it's Hyper Beach color scheme.

I have to admit, I have some of the best supporters that you will find anywhere. Justin, one of my longest backers on Patreon, recently asked if I was going to review the Retron 1 AV. I really did not have any intention to, however, I decided to go ahead and pick one up and review just for Justin, and anyone else who might be interested.

The Retron 1 AV is an update of a previous system from Hyperkin. In terms of video output, the Retron 1 AV is essentially a direct clone of the original NES. Unlike some of Hyperkin's other systems, this one strictly uses RCA jacks for audio video output. There's no HDMI, there's no 720p, you're dealing with straight up composite video.

Much like the recent update to the Retron 5, the Retron 1 AV is available in grey or a new 80's inspired Hyper Beach color scheme. The blue and pink SCREAM 1985, and the overall features and layout of the system supports that. In addition to the lack of an HDMI output, I was shocked that the system completely overlooked an aspect ratio switch. I haven't fired it up yet but I have to assume that this means the system will only output a 4:3 signal, but we'll know more soon.

The Retron 1 AV is priced at only $25, making it a pretty inexpensive investment. However, I'm left scratching my head a little bit when you can get the Retron 1 HD for less than $10 more. This system seems to be squarely aimed at those who want to play just on a CRT, and they're looking at the absolute least expensive option they can find.

From the box, the Retron 1 AV comes with one Cadet wired controller, but Hyperkin changed it slightly for this version as it only has a 5 ft long cable. I thought it was really odd that they made this change, and I will say that this version of the Cadet does not feel as significant in the hands as some of their other versions. Only one controller is included, but the Retron 1 AV will accept any standard NES controller.

Also included in the box is a Micro USB cable for power, however, you are left on your own to supply your own 5 volt, one amp power supply. Finally, and AV cable is also provided, but it's about the cheapest RCA cable I have ever held. The insulation feels extremely thin and light duty, and I am very concerned that we may get bleed through during gameplay with the video feed.

My initial thoughts are that, as with many systems in this price point, you get what you pay for. It definitely feels cheaper than even Hyperkin's own Retron HD. I was shocked at the shorter cable to the included Cadet Controller, but I was also shocked at how it felt in the hand. I am actually a fan of the Cadet, the wireless version is how I play my NES most of the time. The Retron 1 AV's version of the Cadet felt cheap and light, something I had not previously encountered with other versions of this controller.

Make sure you are subscribed to the channel as we will be reviewing the Retron 1 AV very soon. I also want to thank Justin, and all of our Channel Members and Patreon supporters for everything they do to help keep this channel going.

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