GAME Changer! World of Tanks Console Update - Wot Console Modern Tanks

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Modern Tanks on wot console update news - world of tanks console update news for the game changing update coming with modern tanks. I look over modern tanks and the new tanks coming in as part of the next console world of tanks update. All the update news and information for world of tanks ps4 and wot xbox one for these new tanks.

This world of tanks console video looks at the modern tanks and cold war era tanks on wot console as part of the update on the 27th of april 2021. This modern tanks update features brand new tanks as well as four new maps and the aim of this video is to update you as to what you can expect on your console tanks! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment about the console wot news and subscribe for all the latest from wargaming console!

My wot console channel focuses on update news and information surrounding update aswell as guides, tips & tricks, gameplay and reviews for various tanks on both console variants of world of tanks (wot ps4 and wot xbox one). Subscribe for more! I will keep you posted with all these modern tanks on wot console!

Eclipse - World of tanks console channel - Wot console channel (ps4 and xbox one)

00:00 - Introduction To WoT Modern Tanks
00:50 - News Video Schedule
03:19 - Key Points of the Update
03:50 - Tanks Era Game Modes
04:23 - NEW Modern Tanks!!!
18:00 - New Matchmaker System
22:40 - Answered Questions
24:23 - Outro And Next Steps

Hope you enjoy this world of tanks modern armour video and I hope to see you in the next one
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