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World of tanks console New update free skin event for the t29 heavy tank in wot console! Checkout the new skin for the t29 after update on world of tanks and subscribe for more console world of tanks gameplay and wot guide videos coming soon!

This wot console update update video looks at the t29 skin earn operation and how to play the t29 heavy tank in game on world of tanks update for console and PC. Let me know your thoughts on the new update and this wot update gameplay right here on this gameplay and guide video! Subscribe for more console wot guides and gameplay videos and checkout more wot console update news and update information in the the wot playlists below!

I regularly create wot update news and update guides and gameplay for world of tanks console so be sure to subscribe if you aren't already and have a look at all the world of tanks (wot) videos I've already made so far!

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00:00 - Information on Free Skin
01:20 - How to get the skin/How to play the t29!!
05:39 - Amazing T29 Game and Tips!
14:32 - Other Wot Console Videos

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