Hobby Blogger VS Full-Time Blogger ( What's the difference? )

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Hobby blogger vs Full-Time Blogger, what are the main differences, and what do you need to know to become a Full-Time blogger.
Many people start blogging as a hobby and many even continue this and never focus on it as a business.
And that is totally fine. It's a great hobby to start and can have the potential to grow and become more than just a hobby.
Like it did for me. I spent 6 months blogging just for the fun of it and then 3 years building a website with the intention of making money online.
Now I'm a full-time blogger I work hard to ensure everything I do has a clear goal and purpose.

In this video, I'll explain a little bit more about what you can expect if you go from being a hobby blogger to a full-time affiliate marketer.

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