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With over million followers on Instagram and 2 million followers on TikTok, Chelsey White from Chelsweets is one of the biggest names in the food space. In this video, she shares her sponsored content strategy, how she's worked with TV shows like Rick and Morty, and how she creates sponsored content that her audience loves.

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???? 00:55 How sponsors have shifted their focus in recent years
???? 03:36 Why Chelsey oftentimes likes waiting for brands to approach her first
???? 06:15 Why Chelsey recommends having a presence across various social platforms
???? 08:00 What Chelsey includes when reaching out to brands
???? 10:23 How Chelsey recommends figuring out your rate for sponsored content
???? 13:30 How Chelsey has created sponsored content for TV shows and movies
???? 15:34 Why sponsored content can sometimes perform the best for Chelsey

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