How To Add Google Analytics to Blogger Blog

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How To Add Google Analytics to Blogger Blog

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✅ Steps To Add Google Analytics to Blogger Blog
- First of all open google analytics.

- Login to Your Google Account
- Click on Start Measuring
- Now first we need to create an account for our Blog.
- simply type your blog name.
- tick mark on google products & services.
- click on next.
- now we need to set up a property for our blog.
- type your blog name in the property name box.
- select reporting time zone,
- select the currency for your blog.
- click on next.
- now we need to add our blog information.
- first select category for our blog.
- now choose our blog size, which means how many people work in our blog.
- now select what you want to track for your blog.
- click on create.
- now select the country where you live.
- accept the terms & conditions if you agree.
- click on i accept.
- If you need email updates then select the option as you like.
- click on save.
- now we need to create a web tracking id for our blog.
- so simply click on the web.
- now copy our blog link url.
- and paste in website url
- Type Your Blog Name
- once you are done.
- click on create stream.
- now we'll get our blog tracking details.
- now we need to copy tracking code, so simply click on google site tag.
- click here to copy the code.
- now we need to paste this code in our blogger theme.
- so head over to the blogger dashboard.
- click on the theme.
- click on customize.
- click on edit html.
- now in the theme file, you can see the head tag.
- simply paste the code below the head tag.
- click on save.
- now go back to google analytics.
- close this page.
- now we successfully Add Google Analytics to our Blogger Blog.

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