इच्छाभेदी रस / Ichhabhedi Ras : जमदग्नि सर के नोट्स से । वैद्य अरविंद पाठक सर । पुणे महाराष्ट्र

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इच्छाभेदी रस / Ichhabhedi Ras : जमदग्नि सर के नोट्स से । वैद्य अरविंद पाठक सर । पुणे महाराष्ट्र

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Ichhabhedi Ras – Ayurvedic Classical Medicine:
Ichhabhedi Ras Indication: Strong laxative. Strictly to be taken under medical supervision. Contraindicated in children & pregnant women.

Each tablet of 250 mg. contains Kajjali (Black sulphide of mercury), Shudh saubhagya (Purified borax) , Pippali (Piper longum) mg., Shudh Jaipala (Purified croton tiglium)-125mg.,

Mode of Use:
Before using this medicine as laxative one should consume stew typically made of rice and dal enriched with ghrit. After consuming this tablet one should take freshwater. To stop diarrhea consume lukewarm water or tea.

To be taken under medical supervision only.

1 to 2 tablets to be taken in the morning with fresh water or as directed by the physician.

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