Namalsk Map overview - Best loot & POI'S

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Namalsk Map overview - Best loot & POI'S

Namalsk JUST released and it is 2020! Boy have i waited long to show you guys this! Namalsk is my absolute favorite map of DayZ! In this video i will show you the best loot spots and pois, where you can find the hidden underground bunker and where to find the gauss rifle, or just hint you at it. Namalsk is a crazy good map, and i decided to make a map overview to show you how it looks in dayz standalone 2020. Namalsk 2020 gameplay or map overview is here and i wanted it out for the people as fast as possible, im still a small youtuber so please consider subbing and commenting!


The post-soviet country of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. Fighting over resources has bred a hostile mentality among survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to collapse. You are one of the few immune to the virus - how far will you go to survive?

DayZ is an unforgiving, authentic, open-world sandbox online game where each one of 60 players on a server follows a single goal - to survive as long as they can, by all means necessary.
DayZ is a survival video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. It is the standalone successor of the mod of the same name. Following a five-year-long early access period for Windows, the game was officially released in December 2018 and was released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2019.

The game places the player in the fictional post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has turned most of the population into violent "infected". As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding the infected, and killing, avoiding, or cooperating with other players in an effort to survive the outbreak.

DayZ began development in 2012 when the mod's creator, Dean Hall, joined Bohemia Interactive to commence work on the standalone version of the game. The development has been focused on altering the engine to suit the game's needs, developing a working client-server architecture, and introducing new features like diseases and a better inventory system. The game sold over three million copies during its early access phase.

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