Overwatch: New Ashe Deadlock Skin! - CRAZY Console BUFFS!? - CROSSPLAY Live!

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Overwatch news! New Ashe Deadlock skin challenge is now live! We review the new skin! It looks like certain heroes have received CRAZY powerful "parity" buffs on console, BoB does more damage, torbs turret also does more not sure how this will work out! Overwatch Cross Play is now live on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!

Patch Notes - -

Cross Play details -


0:00 Intro
0:31 Cross Play LIVE
3:52 Free Golden Loot Box
4:36 Deadlock Rebels
5:44 Ashe Deadlock Skin Review
11:15 Crazy Console Patch Notes - Parity Changes
14:06 Thanks for Watching!

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