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Hope you guys enjoy the video! Let Me know y'all thoughts on the RUST BETA being extended!!! Thanks for all the recent support You guys are the best!!!

Double Eleven Rust Console Gameplay:

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So Guys I have some exciting news by the RUST Developer / Community Mananger Pedro Silva. He has let us know in the RUST Beta Test Discord that we are getting a whole extra week of rust beta!! Thats right, the rust beta has been extended until april 12th!! this is not an april fools joke!! Hope you guys enjoy the update:) We get a nice inside look at what has been going on with Double Eleven Studios and Facepunch Studios. I feel like this article also gives us a good idea of what the development process has been like for the Rust Developers. Rust Console Edition release roadmap ARTICLE: launch plans and beyond. This article we read is about the development of Rust Console Edition for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S. Outlines the progress and journey it took to get Rust on current generation consoles and next gens and what we can expect in the future after Rust Console Edition releases in May 21st 2021. When does the Pre-Order Beta start for Rust console Edition for PS4 and Xbox players. Rust Console edition release date has been announced along with the price and beta access plus early access for Rust Console Edition pre-orders on PS4, Xbox, PS5, Xbox Series X|S. Rust beta has been extended by one more week. Rust Beta codes/invites will be going out for week 4 of the Rust Console Edition Beta! With the Rust console beta currently going on we now have more information about the Rust console edition Beta release date for the PS4 and Xbox One. We have a Rust Beta console date Limited beta will start March 1st and be for the whole month of March 2021, ending on April 5th 2021. Rust Beta codes are going out now to a few selected people that have signed up for the beta on PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. As the Beta goes on more people will be added to the Rust Beta on PS4 and Xbox. Rust beta date range that are possible with the current info that we have from the developers, either way this thing is coming soon for us. With the Rust console beta happening soon for 2021, We go over what is known right now for the Rust Console Beta. We go over mouse and keyboard support, Beta release timing, Skin support for console, Rust+, Controller layout, Twitch Drops crossplay and Rust getting an ESRB/PEGI rating recently. Rust Beta is still happening for PS4 and Xbox. Official word has come from Double Eleven studios about the Rust PS4 and Xbox Beta. New Rust Console Info! Rust PS4 and Xbox Beta News! This is the most up to date information on the console beta information and rust console information we have right now. Rust Console Beta is happening in 2021 and I am more excited than ever to share the most up to date information about one of the biggest open world survival titles to be released on the console platform ever! Rust was officially announced for beta and full release of Rust in 2021 and is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One! With the Rust Beta getting close for Xbox One and Playstation 4. When is the Rust Beta coming to console, Rust console Beta for PS4 and the Xbox One. Giving a good date range to expect the Rust Beta to happen for consoles (Playstation 4 and Xbox One) Rust Console BETA announced and where to sign up for the beta. Be the first to play in the Rust Beta for PS4 and Xbox One. Rust Beta for Playstation 4 and Xbox will be coming before the Rust on console release in 2021. Rust has been officially Announced Rust is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One soon in 2021. Rust is coming to console! So is when this PvP Open World Survival game is coming to PS4 and Xbox? Very this month basically, so we will just go over this Extended Beta and more rust news until we can post rust console gameplay free of NDA. :)

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