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wot console skorpion G premium tank which turns world of tanks Console into easy mode. This tank will make you play infinitely better on wot console update and provide you with more wins on wot. Get the skorpion g on wot to play better and win more games!

This world of tanks console replay shows off the skorpion g best premium tanks and how you should play it. I guide you through my thought process in this stunning round of world of tanks. Make sure to add me on console wot, using my Gamertag: Tiitan Eclipse on wot xbox one and wot ps4 or itsashhd on wot pc.

My WOT channel focuses more on console gameplay on world of tanks, let me know in the comments if you want more and I'll try get that asap. I have also got a variety of wot guides and tips and tricks for world of tanks, for whatever version of world of tanks you play, be that pc, ps4 or xbox one. If you want more content subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for even more world of tanks.

Eclipse - World of tanks console - Wot Console Update

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