Test Driving the NX4 - Elation's Flagship Lighting Console - Full Review

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The Elation NX4 is the latest and greatest console for lighting programmers to leverage the features of the powerful Onyx lighting software. In this video, I'll talk about my experiences and impressions of the console's features, strengths, and shortcomings. This console offers a huge value with its motorized faders, high-spec computer components, ultra-responsive touch screen, powerful DYLOS engine, and easy to learn interface.

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Video Timestamps

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Video disclosure
0:46 Boot Time Test
2:00 Why I’m trying the NX4
4:10 Hardware specifications
5:20 Touch screen
6:20 Physical layout
6:45 Responsiveness
7:40 Playback arrangement
8:50 Grandmaster
10:10 Main playback sections
12:05 Center playback bank
14:25 Assignable function buttons
17:04 Programmer keypad
17:15 Encoder wheels
17:40 Mini touch screen
20:00 Trackball
20:55 Gooseneck LED lamps
21:48 USB Ports and power button?
22:48 Onyx software introduction
23:51 Patch, menu, and fixture profiles
28:30 CITP linking and patch import
29:57 Cloning part 1
31:00 Onyx user interface and playback options
36:58 Q-Blender
37:41 Workspaces and views
40:15 Macros
43:22 Licensing and outputs
45:08 Programmer popup and effects
49:18 DYLOS media engine
55:02 Cloning part 2 - REAL TALK
57:00 Who is this console for?
58:02 Onyx strengths and weaknesses
1:03:08 Conclusions and recommendations for Elation
1:06:45 Thank you to Patreon supporters

Thank you to James Graham and Elation for lending this console for our project at Supernova in Seattle.

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