The First Video Game Console Ever

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We’re going to talk about the first ever home video game console: the Magnavox Odyssey. We’re going to talk about how it’s inventor, Ralph Baer, came up with the idea, and how that led to the 40 billion dollar industry that has allowed our YouTube channel to survive and thrive.

I wouldn’t be playing 100 Gigabyte games on my computer if it weren’t for the Odyssey, which doesn’t look all that impressive by today's standards. In fact, we think most peeps would rather play a live action board game than lay an overlay over their TV screens and play a precursor to Pong. Retro gaming is a wonderful pastime, as long as you don’t go too far back.

On the other hand, imagine living in a time where there was no such thing as a console. Imagine looking at your TV in 1951 and saying to yourself: “hey - I’d like to play that” when no such thing had ever been done, and then 21 years later in 1972, that’s a reality. And then imagine fast forwarding to the last year of your life in 2014 and there are video games consoles very widely available in which you can play video games in which you can immerse yourself in a realistic simulation of the war you actually fought in 64 years prior. Amazing, no?

00:00 Intro
00:23 Ralph Baer: The Early Years
03:47 The Odyssey
06:39 Magnavox: What are they up to now?
07:17 Consoles: Greatest vs. First
08:00 Outro

Written by: Jean Bernard
Narrated by: JB
Edited by: JB

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