THESE MAPS ARE CRAZY!! World of Tanks Console Update - Wot Console

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New maps on world of tanks console update for the new modern tanks game mode as well as classic world of tanks. Maps will arrive with the modern armour update on world of tanks on the 27th April 2021. Make sure to get ready for changes to update with these larger maps!

This wot console video looks at the modern tanks (modern armour) update news and the associated maps arriving soon on world of tanks console to play on either of the console's you play (wot ps4 or wot xbox one). Make sure you update you world of tanks ps4 or world of tanks xbox one console versions as soon as you can on the 27th april. Hopefully your excited for the world of tanks console update like I am and the new modern tanks and modern armour maps.

My world of tanks channel focuses on modern tanks on console and the update news regarding the new tanks, new maps and new update's on wot console for all the tanks players across all versions of world of tanks. Checkout yesterdays vido looking at the actual modern armour tanks on world of tanks and what tanks they are. Interested to see your thoughts. Let me know what console your on either ps4 or xbox tanks variant and explain what your most looking forward to on world of tanks modern armour.

Eclipse - World of tanks console - Wot console (ps4 +xbox one)

Timestamps -
00:00 - Introduction
00:51 - New Modern Tanks Map Sizes
2:18 - First Wot Console Map Overview
5:09 - Second Wot Console Map Overview
7:57 - Third Wot Console Map Overview
10:05 - Fourth Wot Console Map Overview
11:23 - Classic Maps News
12:19 - Links for Modern Tanks Videos
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