Warframe | BARO KI'TEER: New Mods and Weapons - July 2nd (PC) (CONSOLE IN PINNED)

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I'm at home this weekend, rip slower upload speeds :(
Yes the Baro uploads are always raw footage/audio,
need to figure out how to fix that mic on raw recordings,
Shadowplay doesn't seem to like it.

Baro Ki'Teer returns once again,
just in time before Sisters of Parvos on July 6th,
to Strata Relay on Earth!
What has he brought this time?

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Mulciber Knee Plate
Primed Expel Corpus
Primed Expel Corrupted
Tempo Royale

Bronze Kubrow Bust
Tiberon Elixis Skin
Sonicor Elixis Skin
Liset Cydonia Skin
Vome-Fass Glyph
Prisma Tetra
Machete Wraith
Prisma Grakata
Prisma Naberus
Deimos Scissus Prex

Prisma Avia Set
Axi V8 Relic (Volt)
Prisma Companion Poster
Diriga Desert-Camo Skin
Fae Path Ephemera
Sands of Inaros Blueprint


Preparing your Melee Primers for Sisters of Parvos:

An invincible Garuda build:

Nuking room with just Shuriken?

Granum Detron is coming, PREPARE for it:

What happens when you put + Firerate and + Recoil on a Trumna?


Once again we're here with Baro for July 2nd, just before the Sisters of Parvos mainline!

Tl;DR Grab the new Prisma Machete and Primed Pack Leader. They are new. Primed Heated Charge is useful. There is a Prisma Gorgon again and Prisma Veritux. You can now also grab Opticor Vandal as a Primed Skip on the Thermia Fractures from Baro if you want.

Memes: Pedestal Umbra and Eminence pallet are back. Also grab the Prisma Edo Shoulder Plates if you're into that. Rest is meh.

I've tried to add in console drops to the pinned and top of description this week.
Hopefully it's useful for you ????

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


A useful warframe clock overlay hunters use to keep track of time left in/until night. This is featured in the bottom left corner of all my runs. It also tracks other useful info like arbi and kuva node rotations.

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Eidolon Zone - Rather you need help or wanna recruit for the Eidolons, this server can suit your needs.

A useful tool made by kouks, a fellow well-respected hunter in the community. Here you will find the propa mini-game to practice and improve your timing, as well as the run analyzer featured in many 6x3 VoDs in the past few months.

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