WHAT A JOKE!! World of Tanks Console Update 6.0 - Wot Console

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World of tanks console update tank so awful its actually funny! Wot console new update gameplay and look at this light tanks on console wot update. Let me know what you think of these recent update news and the amx chaffee on wot console

This world of tanks console new update video looks at the amx chaffee and why this tank is so awful and underpowered on tanks console. Let me know what you think of this tank and are you surprised about its performance in this gameplay replay on world of tanks?

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Eclipse - World of Tanks Channel - Wot Console new update

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00:00 - Background
01:03 - Absolutely Crazy update Gameplay
8:16 - WHY Wargaming, WHY?
12:05 - Wot Console Update News Videos

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