What a STATS MENU on CONSOLE could look like | XXL Mod 3 Preview for Skater XL

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What a STATS MENU on CONSOLE could look like | XXL Mod 3 Preview for Skater XL


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Today we check out a preview version of the XXL Mod 3 by DawgVinci. This is a VERY early version of the mod that only offers a few of the basic functions. The main feature with this version of the mod is that it's build right into the Skater XL user interface, making it much easier to navigate and control so you never need to take your hands off the controller. I definitely recommend supporting DawgVinci through Patreon if experimental mods like this are of interest to you. I'll leave a link below to where you can find his experimental/supporter mods,. After setting up the XXL 3 mod we cruise around a few spots and attempt some unique late-flip/late-shuv tricks that are exclusive to this build of the XXL Mod, meaning we get to do some tricks that have NEVER been done before.

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XXL Mod 3 by DawgVinci
Note: I don't believe that this version of the mod has ever been released, but you can join Dawg's Patreon to get access to other experimental released which includes older versions of the XXL2/XXL3 mod with the different late-flip functions that were used in this video.

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