Why Do THIS Wargaming... World of Tanks Console Update News

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World of tanks console update news video on the new update to wot console for world of tanks modern armor update and world of tanks ps4 and wot xbox one.

A wot news video for world of tanks console showcasing the new update and whats new in the news world of tanks has to offer. Be sure to checkout more new update videos on world of tanks news and much more by checking the update playlist below and subscribing for console more world of tanks.

I regularly upload wot console update news and new update info gameplay and much more for console wot modern armor for wot ps4 and xbox one wot versions.

Eclipse - World of Tanks Console Update News Channel

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00:00 - News Overview
01:00 - Outrageous Sales????
07:06 - FAKE NEW
8:45 - AMAZING Challenge
10:36 - General Wot News
13:52 - Wot Console Videos
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